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ChineseDragonBlueChineseDragonBlueWelcome To That's Life Technology

Technologyis the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.

I will try and publish any risks and any interesting article concerning todays technology, but as it moves so fast I might have some difficulty keeping up myself.


woman head in cloudIt's easy to disconnect when you're on holiday, but how can we manage our technology in regular life — during a normal working week — so we're not slaves to our phones?

There's nothing like a few weeks with no mobile signal to make you realise how much time you're losing to your phone.

When I got back from holidays last month, I got totally slammed with digital overload. I constantly checked my phone for messages and emails, and replied faster than a first responder emergency team.

It sucked. I wanted my empty time back. All that gazing at the scenery and reading of actual books. That ability to just sit and let my mind wander. The feeling of superiority to all the screen junkies on the train.

blackdogAs some of you might have noticed I've took of those annoying fly out, so had to find space on my page to put all the the stuff that was in the fly outs, problem number 1, Google Translate has to be at the top of the page, and next to the advert was the prime location for it, but could I get it placed there, no way, tried everything.

The rest was easy to place, just bang them down the bottom of the right hand column, and soon I will have a new menu item for advance search function, but if you really need to search for something right now, scroll down the page a bit and on the right hand column you will find the search bar, its a temporary fix, as I'm really busy with work and socalising right now, I really don't get much free time during the summer months to do anything.

screenshot 2016 11 02 16 02 081Microsoft introduced Microsoft Teams today to much fanfare and hoopla — as only Microsoft can seem to do these days. But when you take a close look at today’s announcement, what have you really got here — a 10-year-old idea on how to communicate and collaborate in the enterprise with a distinctly Microsoft twist.

As I wrote previously about Slack and more recently Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams is nothing new. About 10 years ago, a new kind of enterprise software emerged. Dubbed Enterprise 2.0, it was supposed to transform the way we work and “kill email” by giving us a space to collaborate and share work. It didn’t succeed — or at least wasn’t as transformative as once believed, and many of the early companies were absorbed (including Microsoft spending $1.2 billion to buy Yammer).

matrixThe DDoS attacks come from the same malware responsible for last month's disruptions in the US.

The malware behind last month's massive internet disruption in the U.S. is targeting Liberia with financially devastating results.

This week, a botnet powered by the Mirai malware has been launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on IP addresses in the African country, according to security researchers.  

These attacks are the same kind that briefly disrupted internet access across the U.S. almost two weeks ago. They work by flooding internet connections with too much traffic, effectively forcing the services offline.


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