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Mixed Vegetable Soup

calendar 17th Sept 2014   Soup   hits 88


Braided Cinnamon Wreath

calendar 26th Sept  Pastries    hits 161


Prawn Salad

calendar 12th Oct 2014  Salad    hits 37


Velvet Cream

 calendar 20th Oct 2014    Puddings    hits 2


Garlic Dip

 calendar 20th Sept 2014    Dips    hits 70


Tuna & Spinach Pasta Bake

calendar 15th Aug 2013    Pasta    hits 331


Thai Stir Fry

 calendar 19th Sept 2013    Beef    hits 283


Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

calendar 15th Aug 2013    Chicken    hits 271

Soup & Starters

BrainsinBlackButterBrains in Black Butter

calendar15th Nov 2014


FriedCodRoesFried Cod Roes

calendar03rd Jan 2015

Fish & Seafood

HaddockBarrieHaddock Barrie

calendar 25th Aug 2014


SalmonAndLeekParcelsSalmon & Leek Parcels

calendar 15th Feb 2013

Meat, Poultry..


calendar 15th Aug 2013


SriLankanPorkBadunCurry Sri Lankan Pork Badun Curry

calendar 19th Sept 2013

Pies & Pastries

ApplePieApple Pie

calendar 15th Jun 2013


SriLankanPorkBadunCurry Forfar Bridie

calendar 15th Sept 2013

Salad & Side Dishes

GreekSaladGreek Salad

calendar 15th Sept 2013


AncientFruitSalad Ancient Fruit Salad

calendar 19th Sept 2013


LemonCurdLemon Curd

calendar 15th Sept 2013


ClearSevilleOrangeMarmalade Clear Seville Orange

calendar 24th Oct 2014

Sauce's & Dressings


calendar 15th Nov 2013


CreoleSeasoning Creole Seasoning

calendar 19th Sept 2013

Cake's, Biscuits..

FarmersBreadFarmer's Bread

calendar 15th Aug 2013


CornBread Corn Bread

calendar 04th Oct 2013


SummerPunchSummer Punch

calendar 04th Oct 2013


JackDanielsLynchburgLemonade Lynchburg Lemonade

calendar 03rd Mar 2013


TomatoSoupTomato Soup

calendar14th Aug 2013


CreamofBroccoliCream of Broccoli Soup

calendar14th Aug 2013


StuffedFishStuffed Fish

calendar15th Aug 2013


SmokedSalmonGateauSmoked Salmon Gateau

calendar15th May 2013


CornedBeefSouffleCorned Beef Souffle

calendar19th Sept 2013


NoisettesofLambShrewsburyNoisettes of Lamb Shrewsbury

calendar29th May 2014


CustardPieCustard Pie

calendar15th May 2013


CheeseAndOnionPastiesCheese & Onion Pasties

calendar15th Oct 2013


ItalianTomatoSaladItalian Tomato Salad

calendar15th May 2013


ChickenChickpeaSaladChicken & Chickpea Salad

calendar15th Aug 2013



calendar15th Aug 2013


MacaroniWithHotSauceMacaroni with Hot Sauce

calendar 03rd Sept 2013


StuffedCourgettesStuffed Courgettes

calendar 09th Sept 2013


BeanStewBean Stew

calendar 21st Sept 2013


AppleSnowApple Snow

calendar22nd Sept 2013


BananaSplitCakeBanana Split Cake

calendar22nd May 2013



calendar15th Aug 2013


CheesyBakedDipCheesy Baked Dip

calendar15th Dec 2013


OrangeMarmaladeOrange Marmalade

calendar15th Mar 2013


FigMarmaladeFig Marmalade

calendar20th May 2013


ChilliBBQSauceChilli BBQ Sauce

calendar14th Aug 2013


HomeMadeKetchupHome-made Ketchup

calendar 04th Oct 2013


PitaBreadPita Bread

calendar15th Aug 2013


StickyLemonCurdCakeSticky Lemon Curd Cake

calendar 15th Jun 2013


GingerBeerGinger Beer

calendar19th Apr 2013


FruitDetoxDrinkFruit Detox Drink

calendar 15th May 2013


BrainsinBlackButterChicken & Rice Soup

calendar14th Aug 2013


FriedCodRoesPepperoni Cheese Wraps

calendar 10th Nov 2013


ShrimpwithFetaTomatoesShrimp with Feta

calendar19th Jun 2013


CodwithCorrianderinCreamCod with Coriander

calendar 15th Nov 2013


ChickenChaudFroidChicken Chaud-Froid

calendar27th Jun 2014


CodwithCorrianderinCreamChicken with Kritharaki

calendar 27th Sept 2014


AppleFudgePieApple Fudge Pie

calendar 15th Jun 2013



calendar 19th Sept 2013


PotatoSaladPotato Salad

calendar 14th Oct 2013


ColeslawWithItalianDressingColeslaw With Italian Dressing

calendar15th July 2013


GarlicPastaSaladGarlic Pasta Salad

calendar 15th Jun 2013


TunaAndSpinachPastaBakeTuna & Spinach Pasta Bake

calendar 15th Aug 2013


VegetableChilliVegetable Chilli

calendar 15th Sept 2013


VeggieShepherdтАЩsPieVeggie Shepherd's Pie

calendar 19th Sept 2013


BananaPuddingBanana Pudding

calendar 15th Aug 2013


BananaBostonCreamPieBanana Boston Cream Pie

calendar 22nd Sept 2013


ScotchEggsScotch Eggs

calendar 15th Feb 2013


GreekHamburgersGreek Hamburgers

calendar 15th Dec 2013


JamMakingJam Making

calendar 15th Sept 2013


SpicyGingerMarmaladeSpicy Ginger Marmalade

calendar 27th Sept 2013


CajunSpiceCajun Spice

calendar 15th Sept 2013


BakedSpinachArtichokeDipSpinach & Artichoke Dip

calendar 25th Sept 2013


CarrotCakeCarrot Cake

calendar 15th Jun 2013


WhiteRollsWhite Rolls

calendar 15th Sept 2013


FrozenMargaritaFrozen Margarita

calendar 04th Oct 2013


WhitePeachySangriaWhite Peachy Sangria

calendar 27th Jan 2013

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