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Destination  Corinth, Greece               Name  Blue Dolphin Camp site 
Dates 7th October 2008  Number of Nights  Three
Distance 103 miles  Accommodation details  Camp-site



Woke up quite early, these aircraft seats are really uncomfortable to sleep on, just about as bad as sleeping in the car, it was around 6am, and the ferry had docked somewhere, but I cannot remember the name of the place, just checked the map, we had with us, it was a place called Igoumenitsa, in the dawn light, all you could see was the white of the port, then onto the next stop Patras.

Just admiring the beautiful rocky coastline of Greece, then the sun came up, it was already quite light when the sun finally came up, it was beautiful.



 Just coming in to Patras port






Got a breakfast, on the ferry, then it was time to get our belonging's together, and get ready to disembark, the next stage of our journey, at this point we still were not sure what Greek island we would go to, the drive of the ferry was as simple as getting on it, the drive out of Patras, was a bit of an eye opener, you drive right through what we would call a slum, not quite the first impression, that you want of a new country!!!!

Right get out of Patras and find a service station to stop at, need more petrol anyway. Took our stop around Egio.

Got ourselves lunch, 2 meals in one day, that's an improvement.

I dropped my purse, getting out of the car, and didn't even notice, until a Greek guy came into the station and asked if anyone had lost a wallet, I couldn't thank him enough.

BeachCorinth1We kept seeing signs for Blue Dolphin camp site all the way along the road, so we followed them, and found this really nice camp site, which catered for camper-vans, caravans and tents, so we booked ourselves in for a few days much earned rest, set up the tent, and went for a walk, head to the beach always a nice place to start.



Right it's the ideal place to spend a few days, take a holiday from travelling, get time to recuperate from the long drive before.



Need some supplies, asked the owner if there was a shop close by, and he gave us directions, round to the shop, which was a Spar shop, got some alcohol and food, and cleaning things, back at camp-site lets explore the amenities, there was a shower block, toilet block, kitchen with gas stove, washing room with washing machines, not bad at all.

It cost us 5 Euros to get all our washing done, but that meant that we didn't have any dirty clothes, plus we could have a cooked meal for a change, what more do you need, a home from home!!!!!



Got a really good nights sleep and when we finally surfaced on the Wednesday morning, we got breakfast, then just spent a day lazing around on the beach, went in for a swim, and sunbathing.

On the Thursday we went into Corinth to explore the town, got the bus in and a taxi back home, we just spent the day walking around, we also had to find an internet café, so we could let friends and family know that we were OK.

We also decided we would spend a few days resting on mainland Greece, then we would head for Crete.

We also decided to go round the peninsular, that Corinth lies.

So we would set of again on Friday, but first we would go to one of the local Tavernas to get a proper meal, so that's exactly what we did on Thursday night, we ordered a large meal, and enjoyed every bit of it, then back to the camp-site, sort out our belongings, and pack again, ready to go in the morning.

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