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Destination  Laon, France                 Name  Premier Class, Zone du Pre Nivelet - Rue Nicolas Appert 
Dates 1st October 2008 Number of Nights One 
Distance 2hours on Ferry + 138 miles  Accommodation details   Bed and Breakfast


DoverLaonMapGot up took our bags and put them back in the car, got our breakfast, then went down to the ferry terminal, spent around an hour at the ferry terminal waiting to board our ferry to Calais .

Apparently it was quite a rough crossing, but I didn't think so, it was cool the way when you tried to walk around the ferry, you got threw about, quite a bit. It was like walking when you are really drunk!!!!

We had to circle out at sea because one of the docks were closed in Calais, France, so we went round in circles for about 30 minutes before we could dock.


                          Our Ferry leaving port In Dover


               One of the other ferry's going into port at Dover

One of our friends told us they stopped the ferry's shortly after we arrived in France.



To CalaisPortthe left is the route we took on the port, and that was just to get on the ferry, you end up in a giant car park for ages, then you board the ferry, park up the car and your journey starts.






poferryticketsLaonReciptDriving through France was a wonderful experience, and its road seems to be built right through the best scenery, the roads are well sign posted, with lots of other information, about the area you are driving through, any areas of interest etc

We never took any photo's of this leg of our journey, which is quite unfortunate.

There is not much we can say about the area where the hotel was as it was quite industrial, straight of the motorway, we went into Athies-sous-Laon to get cigarettes & tobacco, there was a restaurant right next to it but was very expensive, so we just had a few beers then bed .

The Hotel was adequate, it had a double bed, with a single bed above, it also had a shower room, and it was quite cheap, it also provided free internet access, which meant I could chat with the kids.

Breakfast in the morning was strange, as it consisted of rolls and jam, there was also plain yoghurt, and apple purée in tubs, plenty of coffee and fresh orange juice (a proper continental breakfast).

The woman who was running the place was quite dippy, but very helpful, she arranged our next stop at Mulhouse, and booked our room there.

We were going to camp in France, we drove right through Laon to the camp site and it closed the day before, typical!!!

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