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Destination   Corinth, Greece           Name Blue Dolphin Camp-site, Corinth
Dates 11th October 2008 Number of Nights Two
Distance 85 miles Accommodation details 


AsiniCorinthMapAfter a really long night, feeling like prisoners, being confined to the tent, we decided to get something to eat, pack up and go back to the Blue Dolphin, at least there was no flies or mosquito's there, and you could sit out all night if you wanted.

When we went outside the tent, other tourist's had decided the exact same as us, and everyone that had arrived, the previous night was packing up to leave, they were wearing jumpers, to stop the flies attacking them, and everyone looked miserable.

Such a beautiful location, ruined by the amount of flies and mosquito's!!!!!!

So after breakfast, we packed up the tent, and car again, and headed off, we headed down to a place called Iria, then across to Nea Epidavros, then up the coast to Isthmia (got some shopping here), then across to Corinth, arriving back at the Blue Dolphin, in the late afternoon.

The country scenery was spectacular, with mountains and valleys, it was on this road Dave decided he would try and scare me, as I have a fear of heights. At several points there were straight drops, and the road was very twisty, he managed to give himself a fright with one of the straight drops, just looking down!!!!!!

On the way back we stopped at a cafe just the other side of Nea Epidavros, we sat on the balcony outside it, there we could see the bay below!!!!

Back at the Blue Dolphin camp-site, we were chatting to the owner, and he knew the camp-site that we had spent the previous night at, but he wasn't aware of the conditions there, he was glad to here that we preferred his camp-site.

EpidavrosBayIriaCountrysideThe amenities at the other camp-site were not as good either, basics like toilet paper, were not supplied for you!!!!!!

So we settled back into Blue Dolphin, and decided to stay until, Monday when we would head to Pireas, and hopefully manage to catch another ferry to Crete.

So on the Sunday we went into Corinth town again, to get more cash from ATM, so we could have money for the ferry, he we go again, not working!!!!!!

Walked around Corinth, until we found a ATM that would work, by that time the travel shop was shut, well just need to get tickets at Piraeus port.

Back at Blue Dolphin, we decided to put up the beach tent, and do some sunbathing, there was quite a strong wind getting up, by the time we got down to the beach with everything we needed, it was really windy, it was blowing a gale!!!!!

That was a very funny experience, we could not anchor the tent, and it kept blowing away, so I ended up sitting inside the tent, and Dave tried to tie it down, all I could do was laugh, think I better say the both of us were pissed!!!!!!

There was also another guy on the beach, reading a book, trying really hard not to laugh at us.

With another day coming to a close, time to get ready for the last leg of our journey, get a meal, have more to drink, then start sorting out our belongings, then into the tent to get a good nights sleep.

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