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Crete            Name Lofos Apartments,Hersonissos
Dates 14th October 2008 Number of Nights Three
Distance 9 ½ hours on ferry Accommodation details 
Self Catering



It was a lot easier getting of the ferry, than getting on it, we had arrived in Crete.

What do we do now, right drive for a little while, out of the port.

Where now, lets go left, and drive down the coast, so we ended up in Hersonissos, parked the car up, stretched our legs, lets find a coffee somewhere.

Remember its only about 7:30am, nothing is open, after walking around aimless, we eventually found somewhere to get a coffee.

Sorting out what we needed to do:CriketCrete

  1. Find temporary accommodation
  2. Find permanent accommodation
  3. Sort out the paper work, so we can live and work here.

We were both exhausted by the journey, it was starting to take it toil on us.

Right the most important thing, find somewhere to live temporary, Dave had been here on holiday a few years ago, so he went up to the Lofous Apartments, and bingo he had an empty apartment, that we could have for a few days.

With that sorted, we now had to find permanent accommodation, so we could stay here.

We went into a place called Tinka, and met a gentleman called Manos, he spoke really good English, we got chatting, and told him what we had did, packed up the car and drove here to stay, he said if we couldn't find somewhere to stay to go back and see him.



So a few days later back to see Manos, we had been round several estate agents, and they had nothing, Manos put us in touch with a British couple who stayed on the island, they put us in touch with a couple of estate agents, and one of them found us our apartment.








The apartment is a bit small, but it has a bedroom, kitchen, shower room, and living area, and that is all you need, it also has 2 balconies, one of the bedroom, and one of the living area.





SunriseCreteSunsetCreteAt the time I finished this (2013), we had been here 5 years, and really happy, there has been problem's like

  1. No heating or insulation
  2. The pound dropping against the Euro
  3. Heavy rain & really cold weather

But I would not change any part of this experience, for anything, it's been wonderful!!!!!!

And the best think sun 90% of the time!!!!!!!!

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