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Destination  Patras, Greece            Name Blue Horizon, Ferry
Dates 6th October 2008 Number of Nights One
Distance 4 miles & 15 hours on ferry Accommodation details  Aircraft Type Seats


BariPatrasMapWake up after a really uncomfortable night, felling grumpy, sitting in the car, chatting to each other, about what type of day we had ahead of us.

The next thing we knew was this Italian in his tiny Fiat, was trying to park behind us, in a spot that was not big enough, so he tried to push us out the way with his car, as if a Fiat could possible push a Renault estate, full to the brim, out of the way, stupid Italian!!!!!

So he decides to have a go at us, he comes to my side of the car with his arms flying and shouting the odds, I just look at him, confused!!!

He eventually give up, went away muttering no capiach!!!!!

We had to laugh about it!!!!

So we decided was just to go straight into Bari port and hang around there all day until our ferry left at 8pm.

Drove into port, without even getting our passports checked, found somewhere to park the car.

Sorted out our tickets, and just hung around until it was time to board our ferry.





It was quite a long day, but we watched all the cruise ships coming into dock, they were 2 off them in dock, at once, I really didn't realise how big these ships were, not until you see them up close!!!!





Bari Port





FerryBariWe just hung around till about 5pm, when we were allowed to board the ferry, it was probably the easiest ferry to board, you had a tag on your car telling them where you were going, and the directed you in, and down a ramp, into the lower car park, and that was it, they showed us the way to the stairs to the upper decks, that was us aboard the ferry, heading to Greece, it was still a few hours before we left port, but that didn't matter, at least we were on board, time to relax!!!!!

Sitting in the bar, with a cool pint in front of us, after all no driving for the rest of the day, and we would dock around 11am tomorrow

Lets explore our ferry, it was more like a mini cruise ship, it had a pool on deck, also a bar on deck, the lounge we were in, a dinning room, cabins, the place we were going to sleep, in the aircraft type chairs, and shops.

The ferry was huge, and comfortable. Quite nice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Leaving Port at Bari                           Sunset at Bari Port


We watched the sun go down as we set sail, what a beautiful sight, it sort of made up for the hassle we had, tomorrow we would be in another country, time to sort out where we were going, right we knew we would have to head to Piraeus, to get another ferry, so we sorted out a route we could take, right time to really relax, tomorrow was a new day!!

We went up on deck for a while and just watched the world go by. It was a lovely clear night, a bit cold, but not to bad, the moon was shining bright, and the stars looked like diamond, high in the night sky.

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