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carTravel Night globeWelcome To The Big Adventure

A story of our travels, this first one is all about our car journey from England to Crete, Greece.

The story continues with living on the sunny island of Crete.

Hoping to be able to add more travel stories here as well, the good the bad and the ugly.


Dave & Irene

This is an account of our travels from Middlesbrough to Crete when we decided to; move there to stay.

It all came about July 2008, when, we got bored with staying in Middlesbrough, and decided to move somewhere else to stay, what we knew was we both wanted to move abroad to stay, and we decided on Greece, one of the islands to be more specific. But we didn't know which on would we go to Kos, Rhodes or Crete.

So on the 30th September 2008, at 05:30 am we packed our car a Renault estate, with all the things that we held dear to us, and another few bits that we reckoned that we would need during the journey, and to make life more comfortable when we reached our destination.


From this!!!                                                            To This                                                          Our Car full of our belongings                                                         

                             Middlesbrough EnglandCrete Greece                                             Our Car

                                      There is no comparison!!!!


The only thing that was pre-booked was the ferry from Dover to Calais in France, that was booked for the 1st October 2008. Also we booked a Bed & Breakfast for the night in Dover.

There was a couple of other things that we sorted before we left.

  1. One thing that we did was to sort out a route through Europe, before we left Middlesbrough. We sorted a basic route from Middlesbrough to Piraeus.
  2. Another thing that we did was researched driving in Europe, you need different things for different country's, so we gathered together everything for every country, warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, orange jackets, spare bulbs, GB sticker, and light stickers.
  3. Another was to copy all important documents, Birth certificates, Car Documentation, Passports, and keep the originals in one folder.
  4. Pack up the rest of our belongs, and find somewhere safe to store them.

We were going to use a different car but it decided to pack in just before we set of, so on the Friday before we left we went out and bought the Renault, so we were now travelling in a car that cost just £500, we didn't test drive it or anything. Mad or what!!!

Right the next part, saying bye to all our family & Friends, party time.


The GangFirst we had a day out in Darlington, with our friends there, just your typical Sat afternoon session!!!

Get the train from Middlesbrough to Darlington, quite early, get to the pub, via the bakers (needed our pork 'n' hasslet sandwiches), start drinking really early, get pissed, have a laugh, take some photos, then get the train back to Middlesbrough, get something to eat on the way home.


Sara had the farewell party in her house, it was a really good night, and we all enjoyed ourselves.
The night before we left, we also met up with the kids in the pub, and had a wee drink with them, when I was saying bye to them at the end of the night, Sara launched herself at me, and knocked me off my feet, she probably wishes she could have done that years ago!!!!!!!!


The kids:- Sara & Adam, Paul & Faye, Kevin & Lou, Kriss

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